Most often, when we are opportune to speak with tourists, there are quite a lot of truths and lies which tend to become mixed together! It can be confirmed that some of these stories are packaged in a manner that it is totally accepted if you are not careful.
I want to let you know, my wife and I were born in Africa, to be precise, I was born in Kenya and my wife was born and raised in Uganda. To a very large extent, we can both say we are Africans. Nevertheless, we remain Americans. Be that as it may, we are fully grounded when it comes to safari issues in Africa, there are therefore myths about this subject. This is what this article is all about.
Myth one: African is too hot, humid and hazardous and not conducive!

Facts: It is on record that many people get bitten by spiders and snakes right in their homes. On the hand, and on the safari, it is usually an open savannah and not in the jungles. The best time for safari experience for you is during the winter period which is always cool.

Myth two: African is not safe for tourists because of political unrest that the continent is faced with most often.

Facts: It is a known fact that the Kruger National Park alone within a year receives as much as 1.5 million tourists! 60% of these are mainly Americans! It is agreed that some of the countries in Africa are having problems, however; countries like South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are very peaceful.

Myth three: African Safari can be regarded as an adventure holiday.

Fact: A traditional Safari is usually a relaxing event and it does take place while you are in a vehicle. It is not by feet.

Myth four: If you are to experience Africa’s Wildlife, you must have to rough it

Fact: It is your decision on the choice you make. While on the safari, you may choose to do self-drive and staying in comfortable en-suite bungalows or chalets that are available. It is a function of budget.

Myth Five: - Going on African Safari will cost a fortune!

Facts: It is yet again your choice. The safari can either less expensive or very expensive; it is the choice you make that will determine that in terms of accommodation and other related issues. Sincerely it is a period you will enjoy and their safari lodge in Masai Mara is an experience you will relish.