When you are talking about the game reserve, there are so many of them you can readily talk about. If you want to narrow down your scope of discussion on game reserves in Africa, then one of the most outstanding is the “Masai Mara Safari Game Reserve” situated right in Kenya.

Every passing year, you see the migration of wildlife ranging from Zebra and wildebeest all the way from the Serengeti in Tanzania in search of lush green grass that grows from the months of April through May right on the Kenya side of the divide. As soon as the herds completely finished the eating of the grass on the Kenya side, they will again find their way back to the Ngorongoro plains and the Serengeti. Right on these sites, these animals will give birth to new babies and suckle their young ones. What a natural sight to behold, the wonderful works of God.

As soon as the young ones are fully matured, then they will yet again return to Masai Mara with their mothers oblivious of the dangers that lurk ahead or even behind them. The migration of these animals is a natural phenomenon. It is dependent on the environmental changes on the beautiful savannah grassland. It is not a thing that is stage managed or aided by man. What a wonderful and memorable experience this can be for as many tourists who may be opportune to be here at that time.

The grassland in Masai Mara is quite outstanding, abundant wildlife and the spectacular sight of the Masai Mara is beautiful natural scenery worthy to behold. The reserve is considered to be the most outstanding in Africa. It will interest to know that, this safari always commence right in Kenya, exactly in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Getting to partake in this safari will be a good decision. The means of you reaching the venue may not necessarily matter much you may choose to travel by air or by road. If your trip to the venue which is Nairobi, is by air, that will be 45 minutes from your take off point. On the other hands, if it is by road, this will take you complete 6 hours to get to Nairobi.

Usually, most tourists will prefer fixing their holiday to culminate with the annual Masai Mara Safari, which in the migration of the wildebeest in the months of May running through to September. Now let us look at the days; Day one: - Depart Nairobi at about 9.30am. Your travel will take you through the scenic Great Rift Valley, which is home to dozens a volcanic mountain, impressive landscape and hot springs.

Day two: - When you may have finished having your breakfast, then you can go for a pre-arranged game. This can be done before you have your breakfast and thereafter another one in the afternoon. It is recommended that you spend sufficient time exploring the Great Rift Valley. Day three: - This is the day you will leave The Masai Mara Game Reserve, before you leave, make sure that you enjoy The Masai Mara Balloon Safari.